Modernish Origin Story

About us

How do you start these posts?  I wish we were across the table from each other eating street tacos.  I am way less awkward in person.  I am Rachael, the hubs is Damon.  I am a designer and Co-Owner at Jillian Rose Design.  We’ve done this marriage thing for over 15 years.  We like to keep it real, and I will tell you that our marriage is 25% awesome, and 25% annoying, and the rest is mutual respect and toleration.  Our life is crazy.  Not exaggerating.  It’s four kid crazy.  We have Zoey, Liam, Josslynn, and Mila, ranging in age from 13-3. Zoey and Mila are almost exactly a decade apart.

Our Brood. Me, The Hubs, Zoey, Joss, Mila, and Liam

Being a parent you need at least two things: 1.  A lot of patience.  2.  A hobby that you can find joy in.  For me, it was making my house into a home that was both functional, beautiful and affordable.  Modernish.  Clean, simple, but still feels like home.  I forgot to mention that we do this all on a tight strict budget.

We moved from our beloved Austin, TX to Phoenix, AZ when a career opportunity came up for my husband.  It was a great gig AND the both sets of grandparents are in Arizona.  It was a no brainer.

We started looking for houses. *cue wind leaving my sails*   For those who are unfamiliar, looking for a home in Phoenix with good schools, big enough for our then family of 5, and a relatively close proximity to Sky Harbor Airport means one of two things:  Tract Housing, or buying an older home and completely gutting. We did not have the time nor the budget to go in right away and re-do a home of that size.   After looking at several homes that checked the boxes, we settled on a 17 year old tract home that was completely boring on the inside, as most tract homes are, but had a back yard that just screamed ‘Kid Paradise’ with a pool.

We called it Casa Del Ficus after the two massive ficus trees in the front that at the time looked like two Russian Shopka hats.

We are transforming it one room, one project at a time.  Damon is handy and I come up with the projects, so together we make a pretty great team.

We share our past projects, and our current ones.  And some real life along the way.

Thanks for reading. Please comment, email and share.  We want to know what you think!