The Entryway- Outside Edition


I am in online school finishing up my bachelors degree, and I started on Monday.  I am trying to come to grips with it, giving up my beloved free time and heading into my last two semesters before I graduate.  However, this doesn’t mean I am going to stop working on my house.  I think a fun easy quick project will be the exterior entry.

I love the exterior of my home.  It is white, ranch style Spanish goodness with ample patios and lots of vines.  It does need a little spruce.  Note the giant oak door.  There is part of me that wants to change it, but a bigger part says keep it.


Long term I want to rip out the tile that was laid on the landing and replace it with some Saltillo tile or cement tile, but for now I am going to do the following.

  1. Paint the very outer trim on the front door back.  I want to give a little more contrast to the entry, and I think it will define it more.
  2. Rip out the random ficus tree and hibiscus bush that is blocking the view of the front door from the street and replace it with boxwood bushes or some other small shrub.  Maybe dwarf rosebushes?



(I also have a thing for blue glazed pots, and I can’t bring myself to get rid of that cactus that also looks like a cross between Beaker from the Muppets and an asparagus.  I also don’t have a spot for it anywhere, so he just kinda hangs out there weirding people out)
  1. Deck it out for fall.  I have been loving perusing Pinterest and seeing all the fall goodness.  Here’s an image that has been inspiring me.


This color scheme.  It can be Halloween, or 86 those faux crows and it works for fall.  Work smarter not harder!  Going this route for any season is great, especially if the budget is tight.  Which mine is.

I think simpler is better in a front door situation.  I don’t like a lot of fuss, and tend to steer clear of the burlap situation… and fake hay bales…

I also need to replace my front door mat.  I will say this Pottery Barn mat has been worth every penny.  I bought it when we bought our last house almost six years ago, and it just gave out.  That’s pretty impressive for an $80 dollar mat.  modernishhomeexterior-41



Natural Inspiration


I’m in Carlsbad, California with my husband for a quick Valentines getaway. Really it’s because he had several meetings out here and couldn’t get back for Valentines, so I dropped a few hints, he cashed in some flight miles and boom! I’m here! We had a great Valentine’s Day, we don’t exchange gifts, we exchange letters, shared a box of Sees chocolates and had a romantic walk down Carlsbad State Beach before eating dinner. It was perfect.

(I forgot my camera 😩 But this ain’t bad for an iPhone, right?)

We strolled 45 minutes before sunset, the mood, colors and light inspired me. I want this feeling in my home. I love finding peace and calm in nature, so now my goal is to do this in my master bedroom.

The vibe will be calm and simple, with function and organization. I want at least one room in my home to stay pretty. Now here’s my confession: We have never brought a grown up bed. We have a king size mattress, Parachute linen bedding which I love and highly recommend, and a $50 mid-century modern headboard scored off craigslist that is falling apart. So I’m hunting. I’m on a budget, so it will take a while. That’s okay. Until then I think I’ll hang up a few of these photos from last nights beach stroll.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


P.S. what’s your favorite method for printing photos?

Rugs for the Family Room


I don’t know about you, but the family room is where we spend a lot of our time.  That and the kitchen because food.  This new family room of ours was giving me fits because of how the room is shaped.  It didn’t help that I just threw down rugs that were cutting the room into two different sections and they just weren’t big enough.  Observe.  Just don’t judge me too harshly, I was working with what I had when we moved in.

rugs USA modernish-5

rugs USA modernish-2

My original thought was to go with a cut and bound carpet, but then over New Years rugsUSA had 50% off all rugs, so I jumped at getting this beauty for half off in the largest size they made it.  It’s 12×15 and its glorious.  It’s the perfect blue, bringing in some color without being all in your face about it.  It was delivered over the weekend and we put it in on Sunday!  I’ll post an update on how I finish the room out, but look!  Its a giant rug that makes the room actually work!

rugs USA modernish-4

I love it so much.  Let me tell you how much getting the right size matters.  It Matters.  A Lot.  Don’t cheat yourself or your room getting a rug that is too small.  Wait for a while, save if you need to (Raising my hand here) and get something that will last you a good long while.

I also ordered this rug at the same time, and it was just delivered today!  I can’t wait to put it down, but it is definitely a two person job.  And by two person I mean my husband and a friend while I supervise with a Diet Mountain Dew.

Have a great weekend



Set Design

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Sometimes I design homes, other times I design sets for commercials.  It is so much fun, so fast paced, and has really challenged me to think on my toes and work with what I have.  This past job was one that I was really excited about, I can’t say too much except they are launching on kickstarter in February and it’s going to be amazing.  This was a true joy of a project to be a part of.


This was a test shot and I moved the rug after I took this, but you get the idea.  The clients wanted a clean, crisp bedroom feel.  I loved the head board.  We were not to thrilled with the upholstered options, as they look SO different on camera than in real life.  Anything darker than the wall was a giant magnet for the eye.  I thought of an iron headboard, but it was really short notice, and I was scrambling.  Then fate intervened.  I used offerup and found an awesome brass head board that I was going to spray paint black, and the guy selling it happened to be a custom cabinet maker! So he will be making my girls vanity in the spring.  Back to the commercial.  I spray painted the headboard with Rust-Oleum primer and paint matte black and it looks awesome.

Second scene was shot in front of the the most amazing, huge, gorgeous soap stone fire place.  I mean, wow.  Just for scale the photos are all 16×20, not including the mat and frame from Ikea.  I think it was 96 inches wide. The client wanted to continue the idea of clean luxury, so I layered books with natural elements, with art that subtly hinted to the company’s name.


The lunar and ocean art is from White Orchid Prints, the rest is my own photography.



I just finished another shoot with these guys, and I can’t wait to another in-depth post about this company.


(If you’ve ever wondered what it looks like behind the scenes, here ya go. A 12 hour day goes into just a few minutes of film.)