Rocky Point aka Puerto Penasco aka paradise 4 hours from home.

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I have had the craziest two weeks. First Disneyland and Mickey’s Halloween Party, then Seattle and the Gottman Institute seminars, then two days later camping in Rocky Point for October break.

This makes me seem much cooler than I actually am.

We usually stay at Las Palomas Resort, but this time our neighbors who are awesome invited us to go camping on the beach. We have never camped on the beach. We are big camping fans and have a 2002 pop-up tent trailer. Our neighbors have a bazillion foot long fifth wheel that has two bathrooms and bunk beds that go up and down by remote control and self levels. It was comical to see our two trailers next to each other. The kids play hard. The hubs eat mangos covered in Tajin, lime and chamoy. We played tenzies, dominos, and farkle with our neighbors and gorged ourselves on Pollo Lucas. It really is the best.

Night two the winds picked up. Turns out there’s a tropical storm a’brewin’ off the Baja coast. We did not sleep because I was almost certain that our trailer was going to take flight and we would land in Oz. We packed up and are on our way home a day earlier than planned, but I did take some cool photos before the winds came. Wouldn’t these look great in a beach house gallery wall or above a bed?

Night two, before the winds picked up. Puerto Penasco, Sonora, Mexico.

Gallery walls and the art that is displayed in them can totally help you achieve a specific vibe that you want to achieve. I am toying with the idea offering free photo print downloads for some of my photos from my travels, would that be something that would interest you?


Sunday Funday

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This post is more on the -ish side of modernish.  On Sundays I like to bake.  I am no pro, I make a huge mess and I don’t have any of my own recipes.  Everything I make is from pinterest and/or the magnolia farms cookbook.  My older kids don’t like to help me as much as they used to, but my little girls still think I am cool.    I made these sugar cookies and they are choice.  I change the frosting, I don’t add the milk.  It makes it too runny.  Also don’t over bake them.  It makes a ton, and I throw a few dozen into the freezer for lunch treats.modernishhomeexterior-51

Joss and Mila are my little girls.  They are so much fun and I am trying to soak up every minute of their littleness.   modernishhomeexterior-53

We busted out the Halloween Sprinkles and had a great time.

My house goals for the week include painting the trim on the front door and maybe getting the hardboard for the cabinets in the wet bar and half bath.  I have done a little research and have an idea to do an affordable cabinet makeover.

Happy Monday!