Natural Inspiration


I’m in Carlsbad, California with my husband for a quick Valentines getaway. Really it’s because he had several meetings out here and couldn’t get back for Valentines, so I dropped a few hints, he cashed in some flight miles and boom! I’m here! We had a great Valentine’s Day, we don’t exchange gifts, we exchange letters, shared a box of Sees chocolates and had a romantic walk down Carlsbad State Beach before eating dinner. It was perfect.

(I forgot my camera šŸ˜© But this ain’t bad for an iPhone, right?)

We strolled 45 minutes before sunset, the mood, colors and light inspired me. I want this feeling in my home. I love finding peace and calm in nature, so now my goal is to do this in my master bedroom.

The vibe will be calm and simple, with function and organization. I want at least one room in my home to stay pretty. Now here’s my confession: We have never brought a grown up bed. We have a king size mattress, Parachute linen bedding which I love and highly recommend, and a $50 mid-century modern headboard scored off craigslist that is falling apart. So I’m hunting. I’m on a budget, so it will take a while. That’s okay. Until then I think I’ll hang up a few of these photos from last nights beach stroll.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


P.S. what’s your favorite method for printing photos?


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